Help & Support

For instant telephone technical support during business hours, please call the DYMO TECHNICAL SUPPORT directly:

1800 633 868 for Australian Users

0800 396 669 for New Zealand Users

For questions relating to purchasing from the DymoOnline website, please use the contact us form or call us on 07 5524 3888. 


Problem:  My machine has run out of ink or is printing incomplete...

Solution:  Dymo machines do not use ink at all and use a direct thermal/thermal transfer printing process.  The best option would be to change the batteries or give the print head a clean with either the cleaning wand that should have come with the machine.  If problem persists - contact Dymo technical support on above numbers. 

Problem:  I have lost my drivers or software...

Solution:  Please visit and select the product you are seeking support for from the dropdown list.